Mirror Screen Livewallpaper

【免費工具App】Mirror Screen Livewallpaper-APP點子

magic mirror lwp !!! yeah it's real and work, this app allow you to change your device into an amazing mirror.

use your front facing camera to have a magic mirror live wallpaper ,

【免費工具App】Mirror Screen Livewallpaper-APP點子

with this app you can see yourself anytime without anyone noticing( girls can you use it as a Makeup tool ;) )

this is the best solution if you need to do makeup at anyplace without a real mirror, just use this amazing mirror transparent screen live wallpaper and your mirror is between your hand.

【免費工具App】Mirror Screen Livewallpaper-APP點子

no one will complain that you are always busy by doing Makeup with your magic mirror .

so just use our amazing magic mirror lwp , have fun and impress your friend, family...

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