Arrive on time! When you need to make that meeting, catch your flight or be on time for your date, you need mitime the intelligent travel planning and alarm system.

Tell mitime your travel plans and it will automatically set your alarm to alert you when you need to get going.

Once a travel alarm is set mitime monitors your route for disruption. It checks for road, rail and flight problems so that it can automatically update your alarm and even suggest alternative routes.

With mitime you can sleep soundly, knowing you will be woken in time for your journey no matter what travel delays are thrown your way.


Here is how it works.

* Tell mitime when you want to arrive – enter the time & date that you need to arrive and how much time you will need to get ready

* Set your destination – just enter the address or post code of where you need to be

* Choose how you plan to travel – such as driving or using public transport


You can relax now, whilst mitime gets to work. While you sleep, mitime will:

* Accurately plan your route using live travel information

* Set an alarm to notify you of when you need to get ready in order to arrive on time

* Monitor your route and alert you if there is disruption

* Re-plan your journey and automatically reset your alarm for the time you need wake whenever disruption is detected


mitime is perfect for business trips, a must for your holiday flights.

Don't be late, download!


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