Mobile CRM+ MS Dynamics CRM

【免費商業App】Mobile CRM+ MS Dynamics CRM-APP點子

Mobile CRM+ is a Offline/Online Smartclient that provides full access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in an efficient and secured manner even when your CRM Server has several thousands of entities.

(this version is for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Onpremise or Hosted servers accessible from Internet. If your server is not accessible from Internet or uses firewall port forwarding, please contact us for the Intranet Protected Server version.)

Mobile CRM+ is Customizable: Mobile CRM+ implementation is metadata driven so it can be easily customized to support additional standard, custom entities, and custom attributes without modification to the application executables.

Features include:

• Works directly with server, no server side component to be installed

• Supports Offline / Online mode

• Add / Edit /Delete/ View CRM entity

【免費商業App】Mobile CRM+ MS Dynamics CRM-APP點子

• Assign CRM entities

• View Related entities

• Convert one Entity to another

• Create one entity for another

• Attach text notes with image, audio and other files of attachments.

• Synchronize CRM Contacts with Address book

• Easy entry of CRM entities using text, voice and image.

【免費商業App】Mobile CRM+ MS Dynamics CRM-APP點子

• automatic recording and uploading of phone call logs as activities

• automatic recording and uploading of meeting notes as activities

• Attaching multiple picture and audio notes during editing of any CRM entity.

• Emailing and automatically tracking emails on the server

• Failsafe upload allows you to email failed uploads to your email id

* It is a full licensed version, no monthly subscription needs to be paid. This is single copy pricing. If you need multiple copies, please contact us.

Please Note:

【免費商業App】Mobile CRM+ MS Dynamics CRM-APP點子

1. In login screen, select IFD/AD mode, enter the same information you enter on server to login. Ask us for the FAQ document if you need help.

【免費商業App】Mobile CRM+ MS Dynamics CRM-APP點子

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