Mobile Gate Type (English)

【免費工具App】Mobile Gate Type (English)-APP點子

Mobile Gate Type: it can easily turn your Smart Phone into an GSM Automatic Gate Remote Control which can open and close your gate from wherever you are. The call will be absolutely FREE of charge because once the motor opens or closes the gate, it automatically rejects your call. So it is FREE!!

【免費工具App】Mobile Gate Type (English)-APP點子

The system can memorize the user’s phone number. It has the capacity to memorize 250 numbers if needed. Each phone number can be programmed as secure caller ID. You can Lock or Unlock the gate and/or check the Status whether or not the gate at home is Open or Closed by sending a SMS (SMS cost will be charge according to the service provider).

【免費工具App】Mobile Gate Type (English)-APP點子

Moreover, if you left the gate open for some time, the system will send a Missed Call warning to your cell phone to let you know that the gate is open and unlocked.

【免費工具App】Mobile Gate Type (English)-APP點子

Finally, an added feature of the software lets you see a Live Picture of your home from your 3G Camera by making a VDO Call to your camera (3G Camera must be installed separately).

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【免費工具App】Mobile Gate Type (English)-APP點子

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