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Application automatically switches phone mode, according to schedule defined by user.

Schedule is fully configurable it allows you to choose:

- weekday and hour of the beginning and the end of given mode

- mode that will be active during given time period and after

Possible modes:

- normal - sounds and vibrations are off

【免費工具App】Mode Planner-APP點子

- vibrate - sounds are off and vibrations are on

- silent - sounds and vibrations are off

- airplane (only for version of Android below 4.2) - blocks incoming and outgoing calls and messages, also blocks all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections

Application will not drain your battery, because it is running only when it is necessary (when switching modes).

Permissions explanation:

- Set an alarm - used to run application only when switching modes

【免費工具App】Mode Planner-APP點子

- Modify system settings - used to change modes of the phone (turning on and off sounds/vibrations)

- Full network access i View network connections - permissions used only in free version of application, necessary to permit downloading ads that allow for free distribution of this app

Version without ads:

【免費工具App】Mode Planner-APP點子

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