The real pachinko application program to be able to enjoy a real screen and the reach action appears from hangame.

It is free skilled as for the presence not defeated at a real machine.

【 login facility 】

As for this application program, log in by hangame ID is needed for the total of the dadama ranking.

Play can begin from next time in the state of auto-login if it is possible to log it in only when it starts first time.

Moreover, the customer who not is registers a free member from this application program by ..hangame ID.. possession, and enjoy acquiring it, please ID by all means.

- Moe-Pachinko. ~Full swing of love. ~

- Function


・Aim at Amakugidai.

The adjustment of the nail changes at each play. ?

Win the stand that turns well and aim at the absolute smash.

・Auto stop strike/large hit cutting

The auto stop strike and the large hit cutting function that can be enjoyed as a simulator of the minute turning at all day are installed.

・Data details display

The dadama graph of the check time is ..condition of the stand.. obvious in the slump graph.

・Daily updated difference gem ranking

It turns and the ranking by which it aims at ranking Top is announced with hangame for Android (application program) every day ..the aimed ..peel No.1.. dingdong...



・The terminal equipped with Android 1.6 becomes non-correspondence.

・The Tab type terminal becomes non-correspondence.

- Trouble might be found for non-correspondence terminal in a part of operation.


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