Stay fit while pregnant. Lose weight after baby arrives. This app helps you do both!

Simply enter your due date and Mommacise automatically adjusts workouts that are perfect for your stage of pregnancy. After baby arrives Mommacise stays with you, easing you back into exercise with workouts that are mindful of your tender state. As you gradually recover, Mommacise continues to adjust your workouts to keep things fresh and challenging. We've even included some fun exercises you can do with baby!

Developed with professional fitness expert Nancy Magee, Mommacise is the one fitness app designed specifically for pregnant women and mothers with newborns.



• Built-in due date calculator.

• Automatically customizes your workout based on your stage of pregnancy or age of newborn.

• Includes workouts from 1st trimester up to your baby's first year.

• Simple and easy to use.


• Beautiful color illustrations that clearly diagram each exercise.

• Detailed descriptions for each exercise.

• Helpful tips that help you stay motivated and fit.

• Includes exercises you and baby can do together.


Whether you've just found out you're pregnant and want to start out on the right foot, or you've recently given birth and you want to lose that baby weight, Mommacise is the right app for this time in your life. Make the choice now to be the heathy and fit mother your new baby can look up to. Download Mommacise and become the best mom you can be!


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