Money Converter Pro

【免費財經App】Money Converter Pro-APP點子

Simple Currency Converter - Track Currencies from around the world. Easily convert between your favorite currencies. Graph currency pairs over time, get the latest news on each currency. Set up portfolios of currencies for easy tracking.


- World currencies (180+)

- live exchange rates and auto update ( you can choose the time of update from the settings)

【免費財經App】Money Converter Pro-APP點子

- favorites your favor currency

- offline mode, this mode works fine without internet

【免費財經App】Money Converter Pro-APP點子

- graphs and charts to show you the changes in the world Exchange currency

- No need to scroll through endless lists

【免費財經App】Money Converter Pro-APP點子

- setup your personal currency list and have all important currencies at first glance.

- No annoying ads

【免費財經App】Money Converter Pro-APP點子

- Best performance

- Works on all devices

【免費財經App】Money Converter Pro-APP點子

- Gui was designed by professional designers

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【免費財經App】Money Converter Pro-APP點子

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