Monibei Free Expense Manager

【免費財經App】Monibei Free Expense Manager-APP點子

Monibei is an application that helps you to control your money.

Main features:

- Multiple accounts. Monibei could notify you if your balance is lower than an amount.

- Account group with a default group.

【免費財經App】Monibei Free Expense Manager-APP點子

- Support for multiple currencies and exchange rates.

- Transfers between accounts.

【免費財經App】Monibei Free Expense Manager-APP點子

- Scheduled transactions. Transactions that repeats in the future, as electricity bill, insurances, etc. Let Monibei notify you as soon as a transaction expires.

- Categories and subcategories.

【免費財經App】Monibei Free Expense Manager-APP點子

- Providers and branches.

- Frequent and recent categories and providers. A fast way to record a transaction.

【免費財經App】Monibei Free Expense Manager-APP點子

- Full backup. Keep your information safe.

- Projects. Do you want to know how much do you spend on a trip or refurbishing your kitchen at home?

【免費財經App】Monibei Free Expense Manager-APP點子

- Budgets. Do you want to take control of your leisure expenses each month? Set desired categories to a budget, Monibei will notify when you reach the 80% or you exceed the amount.

- Compare transactions between years of months.

【免費財經App】Monibei Free Expense Manager-APP點子

- Multiple filters.

- Different charts and reports.

【免費財經App】Monibei Free Expense Manager-APP點子

- Integrated file explorer.

- The free version of Monibei does not expire but it has some limits regarding the full version.

- Monibei is available in different languages. If yours is not included please contact me.

If you find a bug or if you have any suggestion, please let me know before adding negative comments.

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