Monster House OHP

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You're a child who lost your way into a monster house that has many dangerous things waiting inside the house. Between the way to get out of this obstacle. You must use your skill to survive this horrible situation.

When you start game. you will have 5 hearts that means you can get hit only 4 times. The 5th hit will result dead but when you reach every 100 of scores, you will get a chance to catch a heart that fly by. this is not difficult at all. Each floor that you process through will get 10 points. Game will be completed after you can reach 999 scores and escape from the house.

The control is quite intuitive. just moving Left, Right, Jump and attack.

Let's find your way out of this horror dream.

【免費休閒App】Monster House OHP-APP點子

Let see if you can reach 999 scores to see Ending Scene that is really hard to achieve.

Cheers ;)

How to Play

【免費休閒App】Monster House OHP-APP點子


【免費休閒App】Monster House OHP-APP點子

1st floor, you just use Left & Right button to control your character to right of screen, try to avoid monsters attacking you.

2nd floor, you will use Left & Right button to move and Up button for Jump. You must jump over barrels that pass by and trying to reach left side of screen

3rd floor, you will use Left & Right button to move from left to right of screen and continuously press an attack button to fight skeleton that guard floor until he defeated.

【免費休閒App】Monster House OHP-APP點子


"OHP" means One Hand Play

This game is designed to handle game with only one hand that means when you commute to work/home, waiting in line or not comfortable with both hands, you can play this game using only 1 hand and use another free hand grabbing the rail/pole or holds the bag.

【免費休閒App】Monster House OHP-APP點子

Of course! you can use both hands play game, if you feel comfortable with.

This is Game&Watch Style that has 1 screen with 3 floors in portrait view. When you passed 3rd floor. The character will start over at 1st floor again. but game will move faster and faster. Let's see how far you can go!

【免費休閒App】Monster House OHP-APP點子

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