Monster Math: Learn to Divide

【免費教育App】Monster Math: Learn to Divide-APP點子

Winners of the 2014 Family & Parent Choice Award, Kappi Gold Award, NAPPA Gold Award & TeachersWithApps Award


• Distribute Monsters in the hollow places

• Let us teach your kids the basic and important skill of division and fractions in this intuitive, visual way

• Help your child learn the basic fundamentals of math in this fun yet educational game

• Let us teach your kids the basic and important skill of division and fractions in this intuitive, visual way

【免費教育App】Monster Math: Learn to Divide-APP點子

• Let’s make mathematics into a fun game, where your child performs basic cognitive brain functions with ease, using our method of visual sorting, as developed by our educational experts

• This game not only teaches your child these basic, fundamental mathematical skills, but also helps improve tactile and motor skills, as your baby and toddler learns to manipulate the elements in this game with his fingers

• Boys and girls alike will love the way this game works, turning math into a fun game and helping them to conquer the difficult and complex concept of fractions

• A full educational package for your toddler

• Best value for your money

【免費教育App】Monster Math: Learn to Divide-APP點子

• Created by educationalists from world over to have your child master his alphabets

• A complete set of instructions to assist your child with effective learning

• Phenomenal reviews by parents from world over


• I love the fact that this app teaches letters and alphabets over and over. Not only it gets my child to see the letters over and over but also helps him in knowing words from those letters. Now my preschooler knows all the letters capital and small on sight.

【免費教育App】Monster Math: Learn to Divide-APP點子

• This kind of learning is very good for my bob. Being a workingwoman I find it hard to give him time and he wastes so much time all day. Now he learns from this game and my worries are gone. Thank You Agnitus.

• My grandchildren enjoy learning in many interesting fun ways. I get to spend time with them as they sit with me and have me guide them in earning stars and unlocking so many new games. This is wonderful!

• Hey dre, I teach at a local school for special children. I take my ipad to the school regularly and see my special students enjoy these apps. Agnitus app however gets them to learn many things, I notice now that after regular use some of my students can identify sounds and can identify numbers too. This is a great effort. Great job.

• I do not leave reviews often or even pay for an app as a matter of fact, but this one deserves all the appreciation. Definitely worth the $. My three year old loves it.

AGNITUS Provides:

• 100+ Curriculum based academic skills for kids’ learning within ONE app.

【免費教育App】Monster Math: Learn to Divide-APP點子

• Parents’ Dashboard to monitor child’s learning.

• Cloud sync, adaptive learning engine and analytics

• Download it at:

【免費教育App】Monster Math: Learn to Divide-APP點子

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