Montana Solitaire

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Montana Solitaire

Goal - The goal of Montana is to arrange the cards into four rows ordered from left to right, 2 through King, each row having a different suit.

Deal - All 52 cards are dealt into 4 rows of 13 cards each. After dealing, the aces are removed, leaving 4 blank spaces.

Play - A blank space can be filled by the next rank of the same suit as the card to its left. For example, the 4 of diamonds can be placed in a blank space to the right of the 3 of diamonds. No cards can be placed to the right of a king. If there are multiple blanks to the right of a king, none can be used without moving the king. The leftmost column can be filled with a 2 of any suit.

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【免費紙牌App】Montana Solitaire-APP點子

Shuffles - When there are no moves left, a shuffle can be used. This will keep any cards which have already been placed (for example if the 2-6 of diamonds are placed in the bottom row, they will not be removed during a shuffle). Once all of the shuffles have been used, the game is over and the player's score will be recorded.

Score - The player will score 1 for each card correctly placed. A win is worth 48 points.

Tips - Just tap a card to move it to its location, no dragging is necessary. You can click on a blank space to highlight the card that can be moved there. Clicking on a blank on the left side of the board will highlight all of the 2's. Clicking on a 2 will highlight all of the locations it could be moved to (if there is more than one).


Future plans:

More achievements

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【免費紙牌App】Montana Solitaire-APP點子

Leader Board?

Higher definition cards for tablets?

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