Moodles began in 2011 as a small business with a focus on providing high-quality hand-made gifts. The inspiration was in the cherry-picked fabric designs which were used to create unique products, including personalised t-shirts, hoodies and baby blankets. From the outset Moodles sourced t-shirts and babygro's which were Made in England - ensuring a high-quality, unique and local product which was not mass-produced overseas.

Building on this provenance, Moodles opened in January 2014 and every item in Moodles was hand-picked for its' unique quality and design, together with the fact that it has been British made. All of the clothing and gifts have either been manufactured specifically for Moodles or have been manufactured as part of small seasonal orders to ensure that the quality and exclusivity of the garments remain high at all times. Moodles is the exclusive Bristol stockist of many of its' cherry-picked brands, so you can be sure of a truly independent shopping experience.

By only buying British Made you can be sure that you are shopping both ethically and responsibly. You will be supporting the British textile and manufacturing industry, which has suffered dramatically since large companies began out-sourcing their manufacture overseas to take advantage of lower wages and higher profit margins. Factories are now being re-opened, studios created and pattern cutters and seamstresses re-employed, in the bid to make clothes in Britain.

Many of the companies stocked by Moodles even have their fabrics woven and printed in the UK, ensuring a low carbon footprint. Eco-friendly dyes are used in the printing process and organic cotton is used where possible.


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