Mote Wars

【免費冒險App】Mote Wars-APP點子

In Mote Wars you have to protect your Mote Ship by popping all the nasties that are coming to get you.

You've just broken free from the bottom of the lake and up in the meadow the summer grass is waving, the dandelion clocks are flying, the bees are busy making honey. You’re a long way from home and you need to find your way back. Try popping those things around you to protected your ship and guide it back home. Keep tapping, keep popping and maybe you’ll get lucky and you can escape. What lies beyond this meadow?

Mote Wars includes quirky graphics, great music, and compelling gameplay. Progress through the levels and to find yourself in space and then back at the Mote World!

The motes floating around you can be popped but some of them have surprises for you and watch out for those bosses. Watch those multipliers and beat your high score!

This is the full version of MoteWars and unlike the Lite version has no advertising and provides you with increasing difficulty levels which enable you to get higher scores and unlock more goodies.

Have fun!

【免費冒險App】Mote Wars-APP點子

【免費冒險App】Mote Wars-APP點子

【免費冒險App】Mote Wars-APP點子

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