Mother of God Church

【免費生活App】Mother of God Church-APP點子

Mother of God Church app is designed to help you get closer to your faith through your iPhone. It includes daily readings, prayers, saints, music, videos, and much more.

For Mother of God Chaldean Church, located in Southfield, MI, it includes liturgical readings, events, church calendar, sacraments and services, information about our churches and priests, and much more.

We Feature:

-Pray everyday with updated prayers

【免費生活App】Mother of God Church-APP點子

-Have all the traditional prayers on your phone

【免費生活App】Mother of God Church-APP點子

-Listen to religious music

【免費生活App】Mother of God Church-APP點子

-Search the events happening in the church

【免費生活App】Mother of God Church-APP點子

-Learn about your faith

-Stay connected to your church

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