MotoExam exam assistant removes the need to carry bulky exam materials while administering a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)® motorcycle driver's test. Create a list of students in your spreadsheet of choice, then import it into this app as a .csv file through iTunes. MotoExam will then add each student's score on the file as you proceed with the exam. MotoExam can also create blank groups and add students while in the app itself.• Calculates the student's score in real time.• Automatically fills in the proper standard based on the student's time.• Calculates the student's total score and score per exercise.• Can create/rename/delete evaluation groups and create/rename/delete students.• Able to export the exam results into a .csv file that can be easily imported into a spreadsheet.• Files can be exported/imported to this app through iTunes.• Exam results can also be exported via email.NOTE: Certain features such as saving are locked. This app is designed for private use. Please contact your distributor or visit our support page to request an unlock code.DISCLAIMER: Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)® is a registered trademark. The App.erdasher is not affiliated with or endorsed by any organization. All names are trademarks of their respective owners.


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