Move Reminder

【免費旅遊App】Move Reminder-APP點子

“Move reminder” reminds you when you leave any important location (like bar, theater) so you can double check if don’t forget credit card, keys or anything else.

【免費旅遊App】Move Reminder-APP點子

The idea is simple, when you’ve reached a destination, you open the application and tag the location. After you have an incredible time there (drink, have a great party) there is chance you forget something. But stop, the “Move reminder” will play an Alarm when you move outside of the location.

【免費旅遊App】Move Reminder-APP點子

The application allows to select distance in feet and meters, as well control alarm sensitivity for 10, 50, 100, 200 and 500 feet or meters. Ability to select custom Alarm or music will make the application personal.

【免費旅遊App】Move Reminder-APP點子

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