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Mpho M aka Mpho Malgas, started in music in 2002. He was working on community film project in 2002; the movie needed music as a sound track. After he was turned down by local artists to have their music on his project, he decided to record his own music and in December 2002 he released a single with his first ever group Blast – Kasi 4 eva

【免費音樂App】Mpho M-APP點子

In 2003 it was tough for the group to sustain its presence on the market, and the band members decided to quit. Mpho went on to use his short term experience to work on supporting other musicians locally. The year 2004, Mpho and his former band member Phula Makhonanyane formed a company Lezmin which was a shelve company. The main objective of the company was to promote and distribute local music and movies around the world.

In 2006 Phula Makhonanyane resigned from the company leaving Mpho to go alone, the same year Mpho M changed the company from Lezmin to Malgas Entertainment. In 2008 He released his music again with a newly formed band DC3 – Dark City 3. He then formed a new band that unite all band from his Town and called it Inferno which later known as Inferno crew.

【免費音樂App】Mpho M-APP點子

In 2009 he left the group to focus on the business site of music and help promote Inferno Crew on a worldwide stage.

【免費音樂App】Mpho M-APP點子

Four years later Mpho M is ready to release his first solo project where feature his artists manager Mnax. EP would be released through Malgas Entertainment and Sugo Music Group in the US.

Mpho M is warming up for local performances throughout South Africa and neighbouring states

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