Multi Kitchen Timer Pro

【免費工具App】Multi Kitchen Timer Pro-APP點子

It is a paid version that removes the Affiliates.

This is a multi kitchen timer.

You can use at the same time multiple timers.It is possible to use as a kitchen timer general.

【免費工具App】Multi Kitchen Timer Pro-APP點子

It can add a lot of timer as long as you do not delete.

You can set title, alarm sound, the background to each design for each timer.

Enjoy a kitchen timer colorful and unique!

・How to use

【免費工具App】Multi Kitchen Timer Pro-APP點子

(1) After starting the app, please add the timer by tapping the Add button at the bottom of the screen.

(2) Please switch the mode by tapping the arrow in the center of the timer.

[Start Stop / Clear] →[Set / mute switch / Delete]→[Time setting]

(3) Go to the configuration screen when you tap the title area.

・Setting of Timer

【免費工具App】Multi Kitchen Timer Pro-APP點子

(1) Enter a title.

(2) Select the alarm sound

You can choose your favorite music smartphone.

(3) Set the ON / OFF of the vibration

【免費工具App】Multi Kitchen Timer Pro-APP點子

(4) Background

【免費工具App】Multi Kitchen Timer Pro-APP點子

You can choose your favorite design and background color.

【免費工具App】Multi Kitchen Timer Pro-APP點子

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