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Learn multiplication table in a week

Short description for a busy person:

Any child is nearly guaranteed to learn multiplication table in a week using this program 1 to 2 hours a day. Parents can control the progress during the process.

Detailed description:

【免費教育App】Multiplication Table-APP點子

It's not a secret that many pupils will not learn the multiplication table in the allotted time or at least will not learn it good enough. It's not a secret either that many pupils will forget most of what they studied after summer vacations or just long time without a practice. Our program removes these disadvantages at least for the multiplication table.

What can you expect:

1. Everyday practice for at least a hour will allow the pupil to learn the subject in a week.

【免費教育App】Multiplication Table-APP點子

2. Parents or child him/herself can see stats and track the progress.

3. The program is adaptive to the pupil and it's goal is to get the necessary amount of correct answers.

【免費教育App】Multiplication Table-APP點子

4. Repeating the course after a month will almost guarantee that the pupil will not forget the multiplication table ever again.

What you should not expect:

1. It's not a magic thing. You can't learn the multiplication table by just installing the program - you (or your child) have to work.

【免費教育App】Multiplication Table-APP點子

2. That's not a funny game but the learning simulator. There is a competition part (look for the entry 6) but it's not the main part.


1. The pupil has to have an idea of multiplication itself and should know what is used for (this means that if you, say, installing this program for 6-years child you should make sure he/she can multiply, say, 3 to 5 - not necessary fast but just can - or you won't get any use of this tool).

【免費教育App】Multiplication Table-APP點子

2. You will need an Internet connection to get access to program's adaptive functions. It is also required if you want to compare your results to the world rating.

Program description and the learning process:

Before you start. It is important to explain to the pupil that he/she will learn much faster if he/she will pronounce all samples and results (no matter audibly or inwardly). He/she should also understand that multiplication table is symmetric (i.e. 6x7 is the same that 7x6). It is important.

【免費教育App】Multiplication Table-APP點子

The learning process consists of several parts (levels). First there are following exercises for numbers 2 to 9:

1. Flashcard. Ascending show of examples and answers (it is important to pronounce them though it can be done inwardly).

【免費教育App】Multiplication Table-APP點子

2. Flashcard. Examples are shown in random order without an answer initially. The answer is shown few seconds later and it is advised to give a correct answer before it is shown.

3. Practice. Examples are shown in ascending order and the pupil is offered to give an answer with the keyboard. Even if the pupil made a mistake, the program will repeat the same example later and eventually, he/she will get it right. If the correct/error ratio is good enough the next part follows.

4. Practice. Just like level 3 but examples follow in random order.

Levels 1- 4 are passing for the every number. There are practical results which show that pupils won't remember the starting numbers as well as during learning them to the time they come to number 9. That's why we get a level 5 before the final exam.

5. Practice. That is the longest level and it repeats the level 4 but examples are given for not just one number but for the entire multiplication table.

6. The final test. The pupil should give correct answers across the entire multiplication table during the reasonable time. Only 100% of correct answers is accepted as a suitable result and the most important thing in this test is the time. If you have an Internet connection then accepted answer will be transferred to our server and you get back an answer where the pupil’s position in the world community is.

I wish you and/or your child or pupils the best of luck in learning the multiplication table and I wish you to be a winner and be the best in everything you do :)

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