Munching Monsters Lite

【免費休閒App】Munching Monsters Lite-APP點子

Munching Monsters is a free strategy puzzle racing game where the objective is to race against rival monsters trying to eat the most food. Watch out for traps and nasty surprises. Use logic to find the best route to take. Explore 190 levels, buy cool items and monster skins from the shop. Munch your way through the levels and play against level bosses. Earn a coin for each piece of fruit you eat and spend it on game items you want. Earn coins by sharing the game with your friends via the "Earn Coins" option in the App shop or by completing the in-app survey.

Navigate your monster by tapping the screen.


-Un-lock special moves/items for your monster

-190 levels

【免費休閒App】Munching Monsters Lite-APP點子

-Many rival monsters plus bosses

-Promotes party play, Multi-player over wifi

【免費休閒App】Munching Monsters Lite-APP點子

-Lots of fun and easy to use

-Cool graphics

【免費休閒App】Munching Monsters Lite-APP點子

-Cool game music and sound effects

-Simple game controls

【免費休閒App】Munching Monsters Lite-APP點子

-Free App

-Take our in-app survey and earn 85,000 game coins

【免費休閒App】Munching Monsters Lite-APP點子

-Supports many android devices

-New features added all the time

More features coming soon from EA5055Games.

【免費休閒App】Munching Monsters Lite-APP點子

Got an ideal you would like to see in the game, why not email it to us (see email below).

【免費休閒App】Munching Monsters Lite-APP點子

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