MuseHack Lite

【免費音樂App】MuseHack Lite-APP點子

With MuseHack, you can convert your old iPod mp3 player into a Bluetooth controlled music docking station. You will have access to all the music on that old thing all the while it just remains plugged into your stereo.

If the screen is cracked or the battery doesn't hold a charge, it will still work.

It is not limited to just your iPod, any of your 30 pin Apple devices will work.

Using an Arduino, a couple other cheap parts and the tutorial provided at, you can build your own Bluetooth controlled MuseHack docking station. NO SOLDERING REQUIRED, and it can be BUILT FOR UNDER $25 which includes the cost of the Arduino.

Features of the full version Include:

Auto Connect - If set, your phone will automatically connect to your MuseHack Station

【免費音樂App】MuseHack Lite-APP點子

Auto Play - Walk in the door and your music will start playing

【免費音樂App】MuseHack Lite-APP點子

Auto Pause - Leave your house and the music pauses for you

【免費音樂App】MuseHack Lite-APP點子

Alarm - Wake up to pleasant calm music or death metal coming out of your surround sound system, whichever you prefer. ​

【免費音樂App】MuseHack Lite-APP點子

Even if you are new to Arduino, this project is made easy by following the informative step by step instructions provided at

Don't let that old iPod go to waste. Dust it off and lets make MuseHack happen.

【免費音樂App】MuseHack Lite-APP點子

【免費音樂App】MuseHack Lite-APP點子

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