Music Master

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You don't know how to use all these difficult music makers, but music creation always was your unrealized dream? With this brand new powerful music creator app your dream will come true. Music Master - smart and easy music mixer for android!

HOW TO USE: In simple words Music Master it's well done sequencer music maker. You need to set necessary BPM and patterns, add some music instrument like drum beats or guitar play sounding and start music creation. Tap on the sequencer board to set beats where you need. Don't forget to use piano roll mode to make the best music track. Use sync button for powerful sounding.

Music Master features:

- User-friendly beats music maker for real music lovers

【免費音樂App】Music Master-APP點子

- Sequencer looper and piano roll modes

- High-quality sounding music creator

- Sounds recording option

- Upload your own sounds from SD card function

【免費音樂App】Music Master-APP點子

With this Music Master app you have chance to become a real music composer without any efforts! No education - just inspiration!

【免費音樂App】Music Master-APP點子

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