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Music Plus is one of the few music players in the app store that includes left and right VU meters that allow you to "see" the beat of your music!

Music Plus also allows you to customize the look of your music player by changing the background color to any color that suits your personality! You can also select from over 40 textures for the background. Textures include a woodgrain, brick wall, stones, metal, and many more!

Unlike most music players in the app store, Music Plus supports ALL screen orientations! This is a must for people who have iPhone/iPod mounts in their car. It even supports Upside down mode for people who prefer to have the headphone jack facing down. Music Plus also allows you to change the background color to match your style or mood.

【免費新聞App】Music Plus-APP點子


-VU Meters!

- Easy to use controls!

- Select any background color from the color chooser or choose one of the included textures!

- Displays your album artwork

【免費新聞App】Music Plus-APP點子

- "Swipe" to move to the next or previous song without taking your eyes off the road

- Support for all screen orientations (Landscape left or right, Portrait, and Upside down)!

- Access all your ipod libraries (Even Podcasts!)

- Create a playlist on the fly!

【免費新聞App】Music Plus-APP點子

- Shuffle mode

【免費新聞App】Music Plus-APP點子

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