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we could only support to download legal music, if you want to download hot,top music, please choose another app. Please don't rate 1 star on Google Play at will because you couldn't download hot,top, popular music with our App. Thank you.

Music Ringtone Download Pro could help you to Search, Download your favorite Music from Jamendo Library(All of free Music with license),and Edit Music(MP3 File) to a ringtone and save them in /sdcard/ringtone_download_pro. It is small but powerful.

By this APP, you can search your favorite ringtone and preview online(advise to use WiFi). And also you can easily manage your music including play, categorize, delete, make ringtone and so on.

Note: All of ringtone could be downloaded own license from Jamendo. If you found some right issue, please email to us or Jamendo, we will fillter the search result. We're sorry about lots of download music with licensce maybe have low quality, if you want to enjoy high quality music, we advise that you could buy them on goolge play. Meanwhile, we use the open source code to improve the ringtone editor, let you edit ringtone more convenience.

Enjoy yourself!


【免費音樂App】Music Ringtone Download Pro-APP點子 ringtone by public search engine and preview online.

2. cut MP3 to a ringtone, customize yourself. And save it at /sdcard/music_box, users could find them in the list of Ringtones.

3. category music to three list: All Songs, Favourite, Ringtone.

【免費音樂App】Music Ringtone Download Pro-APP點子

4. music player,support play music background.

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