Mute Whatsapp !

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Ok, you have your contacts on Whatsapp(tm) and that's cool!

This is a great app to connect to your friends!

But what if you need to mute the notification sound only for whatsapp?

You can do it using the settings and manually modify the preferences. Another option would be to disable the whole notifications.

The spirit of this app is to mute only Whatsapp! Without messing with its settings.

Sounds cool mates?

And you can do it manually or automatically.

1) manually : just use the button on/off on the "manual" set up.

2) automatically : it's a location based activation. If you "save" your position (let's say when you are at home) and then you start the auto mode, it will automatically mute whatsapp when you are at home! leaving your place it will automatically turn on the notification sound.

NEW: Now with a widget to enable/disable it from the home !

Inapp purchase: buy pro version to use widget and automatic location base activation.


- In order to work you MUST open the device's settings and look for "accessibility" menu. In there you must activate this app like the image shown.

- Enabling the accessibility functionality of ANY APP on some devices may incorrectly toggle Talkback to the enabled state (e.g. browser talking): it's a known issue with ACCESSIBILITY services (Samsung should fix it in 4.2.2) ,

【免費工具App】Mute Whatsapp !-APP點子

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