My Biorhythm

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My Biorhythm is an application that shows you the values for your biological cycles.

You select the birth date and the application calculates the Physical, Emotional and Intellectual values for today. The birth date is saved even when you turn off the application.

【免費健康App】My Biorhythm-APP點子

You can change the birth date and the selected date to calculate the past, present and the future values.

The cycles can be showed in a chart in vertical or horizontal format.

【免費健康App】My Biorhythm-APP點子

The values can range from -100% to 100%

This application will be free for a limited period of time

【免費健康App】My Biorhythm-APP點子

In order to improve the application, please send comments and feedback to Visit

【免費健康App】My Biorhythm-APP點子

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【免費健康App】My Biorhythm-APP點子

Version 1.2 Minor changes in Ads, Icons and forms of contact

【免費健康App】My Biorhythm-APP點子

Version 1.1 Updated to mango, FA

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