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Allows you to track your blood pressure readings on your phone and easily show / share the information with your doctor(s). You can keep track of all three key data elements (Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse, Weight, BMI, Glucose, Orthostatic position and Notes) as well as the date and time the reading(s) were taken. It will also show you your average reading, high reading and low reading on the main page. You can even email the data to a doctor for review. Application now supports LiveTiles, it will show your average reading data as well as an alarm notice if your last reading was more than 24 hours ago. LiveTiles only work when the application is pinned to the home screen. The app is used to share the data with your doctor(s) and keep track of your day to day blood pressure.

You can download a free PC app that can be linked with the phone. So you can view, edit and delete data from the phone or your PC. The PC app can be downloaded at

【免費健康App】My Blood Pressure-APP點子

- Version 7.8

- Fixed a display problem in german.

- Made the app load faster for people with hundreads of readings.

【免費健康App】My Blood Pressure-APP點子

- Version 7.9

- Added a setting to track blood pressure based on the right or left arm.

- Added a chart to show blood pressure split by arm.

- Changed some wording for German.

【免費健康App】My Blood Pressure-APP點子

- Version 8.0

- Added height option to the create account screen.

- Added arm value to email options

【免費健康App】My Blood Pressure-APP點子

- Moved the support button to the main screen.

- Moved the about button to the options screen.

- Rearanged the options screen.

【免費健康App】My Blood Pressure-APP點子

- Version 8.1

- Changed some wording for Czech language

- Version 8.2

【免費健康App】My Blood Pressure-APP點子

- Made the fonts on the add reading screen bigger.

- 9.0 Fixed a bug where live tiles may not update.

Added glucose to the main page and history list.

【免費健康App】My Blood Pressure-APP點子

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