My Bluetooth Handsfree Pro

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"My Bluetooth Handsfree Pro" is a new application that will allow you to have your Bluetooth always off, since it will activate it automatically and in a very few seconds when you receive or make a call. In this way, you avoid having to activate-deactivate it manually and save battery!!

In order to help you to answer your calls on time, this application uses an exclusive method to accelerate, as much as possible, the process of connecting to your handsfree device.


When you receive a call, the application will activate your bluetooth and quickly will connect to your handsfree if you are near it. Once connected, optionally, a voice will read the name of the contact who is calling you.


【免費通訊App】My Bluetooth Handsfree Pro-APP點子

In order to start a call, if you want to dial from the application, only open it and select with a single click the contact to dial within the three lists of contacts availables (Frequent, Favorites y All). Or alternatively, click the Voice Dialing button and say the name of the contact to dial. Optionally, the BT can be enabled also when you initiate calls from any other applications.

If instead, you want to dial from the controls of your Handsfree, just put your phone upside down, and turn the screen on momentarily (no need to even unlock). In this way, your Bluetooth will be activated for a few minutes, and you may start your call from the controls of your car.


- Quick connect to handsfree

- Incoming call contact reading, with configurable voice volume

- Bluetooth activation without unlocking your phone (turning on the phone upside down)

【免費通訊App】My Bluetooth Handsfree Pro-APP點子

- Speed dial (only a single click)

- Frequent contacts list

- Favorite contacts list

- All contacts list

【免費通訊App】My Bluetooth Handsfree Pro-APP點子

- Voice Dialing, by just saying:

- Contact name

- Part of the contact name

- Contact name and phone number type

【免費通訊App】My Bluetooth Handsfree Pro-APP點子

- Digits to dial

- Reading of the contact to be called, with configurable voice volume

- Option to respect the previous state of Bluetooth (it will not be deactivated if it was activated)

- Configurable Bluetooth volume

【免費通訊App】My Bluetooth Handsfree Pro-APP點子

- Option to wait a few minutes before turning the Bluetooth off again

- Battery saving

- Reduction of electromagnetic waves around

- User-friendly application with tabs design

【免費通訊App】My Bluetooth Handsfree Pro-APP點子


To check whether the application is compatible with your phone and your Handsfree device, before making the purchase, you can try the Demo version of the application:


Due to the huge variety of Android devices, and also huge variety of bluetooth handsfree devices on the market, it is tremendously difficult to get applications like these work in all of them the first time.

For this reason, I ask you that if you find any errors, instead of using Google Play comments that do not allow me to contact you, please, use the "Send Message" option built into the application, or alternatively send an email to, detailing your case as much as possible. Thanks!

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【免費通訊App】My Bluetooth Handsfree Pro-APP點子

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