My Captions photo editor

【免費攝影App】My Captions photo editor-APP點子

My Captions photo editor Captions is the perfect travel companion, the essential app when you're hanging out with friends and a super useful day-to-day notepad.

It allows you to add comments on your pictures and share them.

Maybe you're travelling the world and want to send real-time photo/images updates to your family and friends?

【免費攝影App】My Captions photo editor-APP點子

Or you're out with some friends and want to send the latest joke to those who are missing out?

You can share your photos with comments as soon as you take them or store them on your phone to edit and send later.

When you see something that has to be shared with the world - with your witty remarks included, of course - there's no better app than My Captions photo editor!

Now you can easily capture amazing moments, save, edit and share them with your friends, family and everyone else through email, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, now you can have both!

Caption your life !

Captions allows you to:

. Take photos within the app (and automatically save a copy to the Camera Roll)

. Import existing pictures from your Camera Roll

【免費攝影App】My Captions photo editor-APP點子

. Add captions (sticker) on the go, or save your photos to edit them later

. Export to Camera Roll, email, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr

【免費攝影App】My Captions photo editor-APP點子

. Add text boxes and call-outs in various forms

. Customize everything: colors, shapes, fonts, sizes...

【免費攝影App】My Captions photo editor-APP點子

. 100 different shapes to let you express your creativity

. Edit old pictures and existing captions if you change your mind

【免費攝影App】My Captions photo editor-APP點子

. Drag and drop pictures between albums

Happy Happy

【免費攝影App】My Captions photo editor-APP點子

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