My Child's Words

【免費教育App】My Child's Words-APP點子

"My Childs Words" is a beginners spelling app for kids which allows the parent to enter any word they want their child to learn.

* Each letter is displayed one-by-one.

* Each letter is spoken out loud.


【免費教育App】My Child's Words-APP點子

* The free version only allows 1 word, but it can be changed whenever the parent wants to.

It was originally started to help my 3-year-old learn to spell his name and it has worked terrifically.

When you first install the app, the parent sets their own "PIN" which allows them to set or change the word. This prevents your child from accidentally changing the word.

Each time the big green GO button is pressed, the next letter of the word is displayed and spoken. Once the child is to the end of the word, pressing the GO button again starts over from the beginning of the word.

A perfect app to help your child learn to spell their own name or one of their parents names. You can change the spelling word whenever you like by first entering the PIN.

Want more features? The premium version has the following features:

* unlimited words for your child to learn.

* Add a picture of the word using your camera or gallery. For example, you can associate the word "grandma" with a picture of your child's grandma!

【免費教育App】My Child's Words-APP點子

Please feel free to email me with issues or suggestions.

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