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Do you have trouble remembering when school assignments are due or where your next class is? Now you can keep track of all that and more. Store all of your classes important information so you never forget your teachers name or what class is next. Keep track of all your school or college assignments for each class. When grades are entered for an assignment, your total grade is automatically calculated. If you enter your class times and days, you can also choose to silence your phone during those classes.

This app will take help remind you of all your school or college homework assignments, quizzes, tests, exams, and projects. Whenever you get a homework assignment, quiz, test, or project, just enter it into the planner and set a reminder so you never miss a due date.

You can also create your own grade categories to help break down your overall class grade based on the weights of each category. Not only will you see your overall grade, but you'll also be able to see all of the homework assignments, quizzes, tests, exams, and projects you have completed and entered into your planner. The grade you received and the amount of points you got will also be shown. As soon as a grade is entered for a homework assignment, quiz, test, or project, the overall grade will automatically update to show the new grade.

Not only can you use this app as a planner or scheduler for your homework assignments, quizzes, tests, exams and projects for school and college, but you can also use it to keep track of class locations and instructor contact information. When you enter a class, you are given the option to enter the location of the classroom and the days and times of the week that the class will occur on. You can also enter your instructors name, office location, email address, and phone number. With the buttons on the main class page, contacting your instructor is only one click away.

【免費教育App】My Class Assistant FREE-APP點子

College students may find the app very helpful when it comes to remembering when and where each of your classes are for school. Forget walking around school or college with a piece of paper in your pocket containing all of your class information for the first month of the semester. Why not just keep all of that information right in your phone? Plus, when you enter a class into the planner, you have the option to automatically silence your phone during the class times entered. Never have your phone go off in the middle of a lecture or exam again!

Each class page also gives you the option to see your full schedule of homework assignments, quizzes, tests, exams, and projects in a calendar. Click on a day in the calendar and see what is/was due on that day. Go to the assignments page and you'll see a list of all of your homework assignments, quizzes, tests, exams, and projects. There are several sorting options available here. Change the list of assignments between upcoming assignments, old assignments, and all assignments.

All of these features make this app a great choice for anyone in school or college and it looking for an easy to use planner to keep track of all of their school homework, quizzes, tests, exams, and projects.


【免費教育App】My Class Assistant FREE-APP點子

Many of the buttons require you to use a long touch to bring up certain options. When in the grade section, you can long touch a grade category to change its weighted percentage. To mark , add reminders, edit, or delete assignments, long touch the assignment to bring up a menu with a list of options. To edit or delete a class, long touch the class button.


Record important class information

Manage school/college assignments and grades

Set school/college assignment reminders

【免費教育App】My Class Assistant FREE-APP點子

View school/college assignments in a calendar

Silence phone during class times

Import/Export data for backup

【免費教育App】My Class Assistant FREE-APP點子

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