My EZ-Link Mobile

【免費生活App】My EZ-Link Mobile-APP點子

Enjoy these features with My EZ-Link Mobile:

• Top up ez-link cards* using Visa / MasterCard credit & debit cards

• View card details and transaction history

• Save credit card details securely for future top ups

• Manage up to 10 ez-link cards

The table below lists the phone models and firmware approved by EZ-Link. Usage of the app on models outside the list is currently not supported.


- Galaxy Note 3 (v 4.4.2)

- Galaxy Note 2 LTE (v 4.3)

- Galaxy S5 (v 4.4.2)

- Galaxy S4 (v 4.4.2)

- Galaxy S3 LTE (v 4.3)

【免費生活App】My EZ-Link Mobile-APP點子

- Galaxy S3 (v 4.0.4)

- Galaxy Express (v 4.1.2)

- Galaxy Ace 3 (v 4.2.2)


- Xperia Z Ultra (v 4.2.2)

- Xperia Z1 (v 4.2.2)

- Xperia Z (v 4.2.2)

- Xperia SP (v 4.1.2)


- G Flex (v 4.2.2)

- Optimus G (v 4.1.2)

【免費生活App】My EZ-Link Mobile-APP點子

- G2 (v 4.2.2)

For more details, please visit

*ez-link cards are identified by the ez-link logo behind the card. Cards that are not issued by EZ-Link Pte Ltd, such as Concession cards and NETS Flashpay, cannot be used with the app.

**For Galaxy Note 3 and S4 i9505 users: Please download the latest firmware from Samsung if you encounter issues with card reading.

A convenience fee of $0.30 per successful transaction applies.

【免費生活App】My EZ-Link Mobile-APP點子

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