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Simple, easy to use flashcard application. Create and edit all of your notecards from your android device. Conveniently study anywhere without messing with a deck of real notecards, add or edit cards in the middle of a study session, keep score to see how well you are doing, and more. Improve your quiz and test scores or get help with learning a new language, there are tons of uses for this app. An excellent and very helpful app for any student, whether you're in grade school, high school, or college. All students can benefit from flashcards, why not make it simple and keep your flashcards right on your Android device!

With this app you will be able to create flashcards that contain text, pictures, or both. Design your flashcards any way you like! Each card gives you two sides to work with. Use the front and back sides to test or quiz yourself on many different topics. Easily create flashcards for any chemistry class, use the picture of a chemical formula on the front and the name on the back. It's that simple and easy. If you're trying to learn a new language, create flashcards or notecards with one translation on the front and another on the back. This app is very helpful at teaching you just about anything!

When you're done creating your flashcards or note cards, start testing or quizzing yourself with the help of your new deck. With this app, you have many tools to help with your testing. You can shuffle your flashcards or note cards so that they are randomized, change the weight of an individual flashcard or notecards so that it appears more than once in the deck of cards, keep score for each flashcard or notecard, and more. These options make studying much easier. When you have gone through a deck, get the total score for all of your flashcards or notecards and the time it took. This can be very helpful when testing yourself. If you feel like you know a flashcard really well, set its weight to 0 so that it does not appear while studying or testing. If you need help with a particular flashcard or notecard, change its weight so that you can study it more each time you go through your deck. There are many tools included to help you with your studying.

【免費教育App】My FlashCards-APP點子

The tools in this app make it very easy to study for any grade school, high school, or college test. It makes an excellent tool for any student. Study for any test anywhere, without having to worry about carrying a deck of cards around school. Make flashcards or notecards from your class notes or textbook for all your quizzes, tests, and exams. Make a deck for that last minute studying!

The controls are very simple. Change flashcards by either swiping with your finger or by pressing the forward/back buttons. To see the answer to a flashcard, tap the card. To go back to the other side, just tap again. Many more options can be found by pressing the menu button.

Key Features:

【免費教育App】My FlashCards-APP點子

-Sort decks of flashcards

-Many viewing options

-Set individual flashcard weights

【免費教育App】My FlashCards-APP點子

-Keeps score for self testing


-Swipe to change cards and tap to flip

【免費教育App】My FlashCards-APP點子


【免費教育App】My FlashCards-APP點子

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