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【免費生活App】My Happy Place-APP點子

Finally you can have your our own personal app for storing anything that makes you happy! Music, pictures, quotes, videos and journal entries - If it makes you happy, it goes in here!

Everyone deserves to be happy! After all, when you're happy you attract even more happiness into your life. It's the Law of Attraction!

【免費生活App】My Happy Place-APP點子


【免費生活App】My Happy Place-APP點子

-Add photos from your own personal photo library.

【免費生活App】My Happy Place-APP點子

-Add videos from your own personal video library and from Youtube.

【免費生活App】My Happy Place-APP點子

-Add music from your music library.

【免費生活App】My Happy Place-APP點子

-Add quotes from our “quote bank” or create your own.

【免費生活App】My Happy Place-APP點子

-Create journal entries (for happy occasions only of course)

-Change your home screen background to a custom image of your choice.

-Create a daily gratitude message.

-Share any of the things that make you happy on Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail.

Now is the time to be happy and get that extra bit of inspiration to achieve your goals and dreams! Remember, the only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude, so be happy!

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