My Invoices (free)

【免費商業App】My Invoices (free)-APP點子

Have you ever been at a customer without any possibilities to show him a quote?

You make invoices everyday and you would do them with your Android mobile or tablet?

Then, this app is for you!

That’s what you can do with it:

- You can manage your invoices, sales order, order form,… with your Android mobile.

- You can have directly a preview of the PDF document. Then, you can send this PDF by mail to customers or prospects.

- This app allows managing customers, prospects and products.

- Indeed, every product is determined by several fields: name, sales price, tax, description, bar code, picture, category, total and type.

【免費商業App】My Invoices (free)-APP點子

- As regards customers, you can fill in a report with personal details for everyone.

- You can have a glimpse of all invoices already make for a customer.

- You can do researches in order to find easily a customer or order form for example.

- Thanks to the expiry date on each document, your device will be ring when the invoice expired.

【免費商業App】My Invoices (free)-APP點子

- You can add the logo of your company in the PDF. This logo can come from picture, SD cart or you can import from the Internet.

- You can export documents, customers and products to an Excel sheet.

- In order to manage better your products, this app is connected with several providers. Thanks to this, the different fields will be filling in quickly.

- You can synchronize this app between several devices (mobile, tablets).

【免費商業App】My Invoices (free)-APP點子

- You can add a signature to an Invoice or Estimate

- All pdfs generated are saved on your sd card: sdcard/CamelDroid/Invoices/Export

- You can keep track of the customer payments

- You can add a button to pay by Paypal on your documents.

【免費商業App】My Invoices (free)-APP點子

- You can manage your inventory thanks to the check-in check-out entries.

- You can translate the entire application or just the documents in your language by yourself!

- You can add custom field on the reports and exports.

In the paid version, you can import documents, customers and products from an Excel sheet. Obviously, you don’t have ad. And it will possible to bulk scan the products in order to gain time.

Finally, this app is available in French and English. If you want it in another language, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please visit our website for further information

【免費商業App】My Invoices (free)-APP點子

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