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Periodic Table is an useful educational utility. It provides 20 most important Chemical information about each element in the Periodic Table. Elements can be tracked with respect to Element Name, Symbol, Atomic Number and Category. Elements can also tracked using a chart. A Complete Educational Utility.

Following 20 Chemical Informations are provided for each element:

• Element

• Symbol

• Atomic Number

【免費書籍App】My Periodic Table-APP點子

• Atomic Weight

• Bonding Radius

• Atomic Radius

• Ionization Potential

【免費書籍App】My Periodic Table-APP點子

• Electronegativity

• Density

• Melting Point

• Boiling Point

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• Heat of Vaporization

• Heat of Fusion

• Electrical Conductivity

• Thermal Conductivity

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• Specific Heat Capacity

• Group

• Electron Configuration

• Number of Isotopes

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• Polarizability

All elements are categorized with respect to group.

Search Elements:

• Elements can be tracked with respect to Name, Symbol and Atomic Number.

• Elements can also be filtered with respect to group.

• Elements can also be tracked using a chart.

【免費書籍App】My Periodic Table-APP點子

• Simple way to view the chemical information of elements after tracking.

Key Features:

• Extremely Accurate Information.

• Specifications are provided to recognize the nature and characteristics of the element.

• Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up data verifications.

【免費書籍App】My Periodic Table-APP點子

• Pleasant Presentation of Report which carries all the 20 Chemical Information.

• Elements can be tracked with respect to Name, Symbol, Atomic Number and Group.

Highly Useful Educational Utility

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