My Pregnancy Follow-up Plus

【免費醫療App】My Pregnancy Follow-up Plus-APP點子

♥ My Pregnancy Follow-up will be your day-to-day companion during all your pregnancy. It will help you with the dates for the ultrasounds, doctor appointments, maternity leave duration, etc.

♥ Detailed medical checks:

- 3 ultrasounds

- monthly doctor appointment, blood test and urinalysis

【免費醫療App】My Pregnancy Follow-up Plus-APP點子

- 6th month blood test

- vaginal swab

- folic acid prescription

【免費醫療App】My Pregnancy Follow-up Plus-APP點子

- dates for declaration to Social Security (applicable for France only)

- maternity leave duration (applicable for France only)

♥ For every check, you have the ability to set the date at which you did it. This allows you to have a quick outlook of your pregnancy, and to see what you need to do! There is also a description of the purpose of the check. For every doctor appointment, the app will explain the goal of the appointment, and what the doctor will check.

♥ A widget placed on your desktop will indicate the progress of your pregnancy, and of your friends! You can save an *unlimited* number of pregnancy dates in the app.

♥ Get notifications on top of your screen when you need to do something about your pregnancy! Set the time and the number of days in advance for the reminders, and you're all set! Never forget any test for you or your wife!

♥ The app also shows advices about:

- mother's food diet

【免費醫療App】My Pregnancy Follow-up Plus-APP點子

- allowed / forbidden drugs

- hygiene

- a glossary for the most common words used during the pregnancy

♥ The app shows the progress of your pregnancy by showing the average size and weight for a child of the same age. It will also count down the remaining days for you!

【免費醫療App】My Pregnancy Follow-up Plus-APP點子

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This application is intended for the french medical system. Please check with your doctor in all cases.

This app was made with instructions from a doctor.

The app uses the following permissions:

【免費醫療App】My Pregnancy Follow-up Plus-APP點子

- automatic launch at boot time: for notifications and reminders (don't worry about CPU usage: the actual launch of the app is delayed so that it will only start when the CPU is not overloaded)

- Internet access: for crash and bug fixes. Your personal data is the most important to our eyes. We will NEVER send, share, sell or give for any reason what was collected. The collected data includes your device name, screen resolution, OS version, etc. They are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT anonymous. We do respect your private data. Please note that if you don't agree with this, you are not allowed to use this app.

This app was tested on android versions from 1.5 to 4.0, on phones and tablets.

The weight follow-up graph requires Android 2.0+. Trying to load it on android 1.5-1.6 will cause a crash.

【免費醫療App】My Pregnancy Follow-up Plus-APP點子

This app includes an optimized UI for Honeycomb and ICS Ice Cream Sandwich tablets.

【免費醫療App】My Pregnancy Follow-up Plus-APP點子

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