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Do you want to draw a simple layout of your room? How about a simple drawing in minutes? Would you like to easily share those creations via social networks or email?

Originally designed to be a reference for people moving to a new place, or buying new furniture, wondering how everything will fit, My Room Planner offers a simple interface for drawing almost anything!


●Simple to Understand! Easy to Use!

【免費工具App】My Room Planner Free-APP點子

Via lines, circles, bezier curves, squares, and text labels you can create almost anything easily! The clear UI and simple controls make creating anything a simple task.

●Separation of Plans and Objects!

Create objects in the Object Design view and insert them later in your plans in the Plan View to simplify the process.

●Easily Share Screenshots of Your Creations!

【免費工具App】My Room Planner Free-APP點子

After taking a screenshot of your creation, you can easily share them via social networking and email.

●Tutorial Mode!

An easy-to-follow tutorial is available to show you all you need to know to master My Room Planner.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact Panap Studio at

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