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My Ticket Life brings friends and like-minded individuals together to share ticketed experiences on iOS and Android devices. My Ticket Life is the one of a kind, social scrapbook that allows users to share and discuss ticket collections of all kinds. Whether it's discussing your favorite entertainment interests, bragging in the moment, or seeing who has the biggest ticket collection, My Ticket Life is where memories come together.

Featured ‘scrapbook’ album themes include concerts, movies, sports, theatre, as well as an “other” feature for special events such as theme parks or conventions. Whether showing off your ticket and photo collections you've held onto since the 70’s, or a newcomer to any event, you now have a place to share those memories with friends and other MTL users without the clutter of everyday life.

MTL offers an incredible amount of fun and is absolutely free to download.

-View events in the My Album section to see tickets in date or type order.

【免費社交App】My Ticket Life-APP點子

-Applaud tickets that deserve that standing ovation.

【免費社交App】My Ticket Life-APP點子

-View all your pictures in the My Memories section.

【免費社交App】My Ticket Life-APP點子

-Brag about “in the moment” situations.

【免費社交App】My Ticket Life-APP點子

-Let your Guest List grow as you meet new Guests at events.

-View the Calendar section to see past and future events by month and year.

You can visit the My Ticket Life website, for more information. The MTL website and app will work hand in hand together to create the sharing of your entertainment experiences.

My Ticket Life appreciates both fans and entertainers and would like to help complete the experience between the home, stage, and world.

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