This app is an attempt to make keeping track of and learning about your baby as easy as hitting a button.

When I left the hospital after having my son, they gave me a book (actually, they let me have two, after I told them how much I really wanted to keep track of everything) in which I could record his diaper changes, feedings and sleep schedule. It was basically just an unorganized spread sheet for me to write on. I did the best I could with it, but there was no way for me to ensure that in the middle of the night, when my son woke up hungry, that I was going to have that booklet next to me, much less a pen, much less the clarity of mind to write down the exact times in which he had started and finished eating.

I just want things to be easier, without having to sacrifice more of my precious moments of sleep; I think that's what all new (or even more experienced) parents want. That being said, once I had the idea for night mode, I couldn't stop thinking of other things that could be included to make it a one stop, make-your-life-less-complicated concept.

A simple way to remember:



•Naps & sleep times


•Diaper changes

•Pediatrician appointments


•Pumping schedule




Above all Fun to use!

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