MyCloud for YouTube

【免費社交App】MyCloud for YouTube-APP點子

This app allows users of Akitio MyCloud products to simultaneously upload videos taken with their mobile devices directly to their MyCloud device and to their Youtube page. The ability to backup videos to MyCloud and upload videos to Youtube allows users to delete the videos from their mobile devices thus freeing up storage space.

-Backup videos to MyCloud

【免費社交App】MyCloud for YouTube-APP點子

-Send videos to Youtube

【免費社交App】MyCloud for YouTube-APP點子

-Free up space on mobile devices

Compatible with Akitio MyCloud Mini, MyCloud ONE, MyCloud Duo and MyCloud Pro devices

【免費社交App】MyCloud for YouTube-APP點子

【免費社交App】MyCloud for YouTube-APP點子

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免費玩MyCloud for YouTube App

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