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MyDevice is a total media management tool for your Android device

Features include:

- File management across your device and network - copy, move, rename and delete files

【免費工具App】MyDevice Free-APP點子

- Integrated server that enables you to view your device's files via a desktop web browser.

【免費工具App】MyDevice Free-APP點子

- Multi-file upload via your web browser, including HTML5 drag 'n' drop on modern browsers.

【免費工具App】MyDevice Free-APP點子

- Streaming audio and video across your home network using the integrated media player

【免費工具App】MyDevice Free-APP點子

- Remote control your media playback via your web browser

【免費工具App】MyDevice Free-APP點子

- Launch apps and files using 3rd party tools

【免費工具App】MyDevice Free-APP點子

- Sophisticated image meta viewer

- Unzip function

Note: This is the free version that includes advertising and a 5MB limit on files uploaded via a web browser. For a small fee you can have the ad-free version with no upload limits.

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