This app has been specifically designed for Volt/Ampera vehicle owners and displays specific information not brought up to the car dashboard.

Before downloading the app, please understand that a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter is required(ELM327) and should be plugged into the OBD2 socket of the car on the driver side.

Presented in an easy to read layout, your device will show you:

- Instant power delivered by the main traction Li-Ion battery with min and max values


- Voltage and current at the battery level


- Graph of instant power of each of the electric motors


- Clear bar chart showing battery, transmission, AC/DC converter and gas engine coolant temperature


- State of the battery heater (on or off)


- Energy utilization breakdown for main traction, HVAC, Battery heater and other components


- Energy efficiency including driven electric miles(or km), kWh/mile (or kWh/km), mile/kWh(or km/kWh) and energy consumption in kWh for the last trip and energy recovery during braking


- Actual and raw state of charge of the battery

- Gas engine rpm

- Average trip speed

Both metric and Imperial units are supported

In addition, many other parameters can be logged to a file on your device.

The convenient CSV format allows you to import data into a spreadsheet for further processing and analysis.

An only help is provided describing each of the settings available.

This application makes use of HighCharts libraries (

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