This application is a scoring game used to keep track of score when playing the card game O'Hell (OHell or O Hell). The game has the following features:

- Selectable numbers of players (2-6 tested)

- Keeps track of player statistics (number of games played, average number of tricks bid, made)

When I created this application my primary intent was to make the scorecard easier to use than paper. This means as few clicks as possible, and generally keeping the game as "lightweight" as possible. I think I have largely succeeded in that.

Quick walkthrough:

- Press Start New Game

- Type in player names, hitting "Add Player" between each player

- Select the players for the game

- Hit Next to bring yourself to the screen where you "Order" the players selected


- Touch of the name of the first player to bid, followed by the second, third and so on. When you are happy with the player order, hit "Start Game"

- Score entry is relatively simple, just click on the number each player bid or made, the entry should automatically move onto the next location

- When a round is complete hit "Next"

- The full scorecard can be viewed at any time by hitting "Show Scorecard", the "Back" button returns to the score entry

- The "Previous" button takes you to the previous round in the case of a dispute :-)


Preferences can be set by hitting the "Menu" button from the home screen. This will allow you to set:

- The scoring mechanism

- The number of rounds of "1" cards


- The number of total cards

Please enjoy the game, and feel free to email me as you find bugs or have feature requests.

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