MyInsights is a research app, allowing market researchers to conduct qualitative research. The app is connected to a closed web environment, where projects can be created, participants and observers can be invited and where you can view and download the results.

Participants can post different types of responses in a research. For example, text messages, photos with a subtext and videos with or without a subtext.

A research community is possible. In a community, participants can react to each others posts. Reactions placed by a moderator are shown in a different color. The moderator can communicate with the participants through the app or through the closed web environment.

Researchers can create a project online and can ask participants to fulfill a couple of tasks. You can, for instance, give participants one general assignment: ‘Keep track of what you cook for dinner for the next couple of weeks’, but you can also choose to let participants post one photo about a certain topic each week.

To take part in a research, you simply sign in with their email address and received password. You can, for example, receive a password through a market research company or recruitment agency.

This app also works without an internet connection (after downloading the project). This means that participants can, where and whenever they like, take part in a research.

The app can also be used by market researchers themselves. For instance, during Shopalongs, Mystery Shopping and Consumer Connects.

MobileMarketResearch also delivers branded versions of MyInsights. This means your own app in the App Store, with your own description, logo and colors.

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