MyPanel is a market research app that enables market researchers to conduct quantitative research. With the app respondents can fill in surveys themselves, but MyPanel is also suitable for face-to-face research.

The app is connected to a closed web environment, where the surveys can be made and results can be seen real time. Results can also be downloaded from this web environment in csv/xls/html file format.

Within a survey, several types of questions can be asked, for instance:

- open answer


- single choice

- multiple choice


- rating scale 0 to 5

- rating scale 0 to 10


- rating scale with custom answers

- yes / no


- grid

- grid with rating scales


- grid show each statement separately

- take photo/video


- stimulus, show photo/video

- date / time

It is possible to apply skip logic on a survey in order to route respondents through the survey based on their answers. When filling in the survey, the location of the respondent can be tracked, if the respondent gives permission to send this information.

To be able to participate in a research, you need to enter your email and received password in the ‘Settings’ page.

You may receive a password through a market research company or recruitment agency.

After entering your password and downloading surveys, the app works without an internet connection. This means that respondents can fill in the survey whenever and wherever they want. Answers are kept locally in the app and are uploaded when there is an internet connection again.

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