'MyPhone' is a necessary tool for you phone that allows you to manage and control your android device remotely.

Do not worry seeing erase , admin control and too many permissions.The application is secure and reliable as it manage all the details locally (no server used).The user can control device just via simple SMS Commands.

To uninstall the application after install :

Settings-->Security-->Device Administrator-->'Remove Device Admin for MyPhone'

Uses of the MyPhone tool are :

#When your device is in silent mode and misplaced nearby. Just ring device at full volume on receiving SMS command.

#Remotely lock or unlock your device with any forgotten default lock pattern.


#Remotely wipe out user data(device + sd_card) in case of lost or stolen.

#Track Current Location

On receiving secret message to your mobile from other mobile, sends back current location to that mobile.The location is send via sms(as per sms charge from provider only.)

#Sim Change Alert

You can get the sms alerts(with custom msg) to alternate number, in case of SIM Change.


#Find the device details such as IMEI , SIM Serial Number ,device details , battery info etc.

The main features are :

#Remote SMS Control

You can manage and operate your phone just via SMS commands.

*123+YOUR_LOGIN_PASSWORD+"MSG_TYPE"+"#" +"xyz#".For more info see "Home Screen-->Help-->SMS Commands"

#Device Administrator Control


It secures the app by preventing unauthorized access and uninstall of the application.


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