When we meet another skier or snowboarder, one of the first things we ask is "How many days have you skied this season?" If we come across a true powder chaser, we might also ask "How much new snow did you ski last year?" Some of us keep track of how much vertical feet we accumulate in a day or a season, some count how many runs on a given day. With MySnowLog all that information is at your fingertips.MySnowLog is a manual entry log that keeps track of;❅ The Mountain❅ New Snow❅ Vertical Feet❅ Laps❅ Time on Mountain❅ Snow and Sky Conditions❅ Equipment Used❅ Notes on the dayWith this information MySnowLog will clearly graph your vertical per hour, vertical per lap, and laps per hour, as well as day and season totals. MySnowLog then makes it easy to share your information through your social networks, including email and text. After the days information has been logged, you can send a file to your buddies who can "auto-load" the day into their own MySnowLog. When a few days or, even better, 2 or 3 seasons worth of information has been logged, you can easily compare the days/seasons with clear graphs and lists.MySnowLog is an excellent tool that will encourage you to ski more days, find more powder, get in one more run.


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