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Communication is critical to the success of any organization, and this heightens the need for a sophisticated, yet simple, communication system for the business professional on the go. The MySource Gateway provides a comprehensive solution through a simple, secure app that allows board and team members to access information with the tap of a finger. Convenient and centralized access to information keeps team members aware of organizational information, breaking down departmental silos. Documents and information are uploaded and managed via MySource Enterprise web portal. Features include:Configurable Company name and URL custom branded for your organization Board and Team members affiliated with multiple organizations may access information for all affiliated organizations in a single platformInformation and documents are secure and access is only provided after the organization provides the user with an information activation codeNews Center – Inform Board and Team members of news related to your industry and organizationTravel and Training Information – Convenient access to all organization travel and training itinerary Meeting Agendas and Documents – Instantly access meeting agendas and related documentsContact Manager – Provides a central hub for all important organization contacts Calendar – View important organization events and create multiple calendars for departments or project teams Project Management – Provides powerful tools to help your organization manage projects more efficientlyDocument Center – Provides a secure central repository for important documentsOutage Information for Electric Utilities – Convenient access to view outages in your organization’s territory

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